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Wrinkle Reduction in Southampton

Reducing Your Wrinkles

Dr Casey Carnall prescribes BOTOX® for wrinkle reduction treatments with the basic active constituent being Botulinum Toxin A. These treatments work differently to the plumping filler treatments by stopping the transmission of the nerve impulses to the muscle underlying the skin. This allows the muscle to relax thus giving a smooth exterior to the overlying skin.


Casey offers wrinkle relaxing treatment for the three most common areas requested: forehead lines, frown lines (glabellar) and smile lines (crow’s feet).

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Casey will discuss the look you are wanting to achieve, from gentle relaxation to complete smoothness. You will be offered a review appointment two to three weeks after your initial treatment. The treatment typically lasts for around three months, after which time you may see signs of movement returning. We suggest that you have treatment every three to six months if you wish to maintain the effect.


As with fillers, there may be some bruising and redness immediately after and also this treatment can take two weeks to work. With this in mind we always recommend having this treatment at least two weeks before any major event.

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