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TMJ dysfunction (Teeth Grinding)

Repairing your smile

There are many symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction but some of these are:

  • Head and facial pain.
  • Pain around the eyes; blurring of vision; light sensitivity; watering of eyes
  • Discomfort when eating; limited opening and/or deviation of the jaw on opening; inability to “find the correct bite”.
  • Clicking, locking, grating noises or popping in jaw joint.
  • Balance problems; diminished hearing; tinnitus; ear pain without infection.
  • Swallowing difficulties; tightness of throat; feeling of a foreign object in throat.
  • Neck and shoulder problems; tingling or numbness in arms or fingers.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, let us know as we may be able to help you providing it is part of your overall routine treatment.

Dental treatment may involve:

  • Having a splint (there are many designs available nowadays) to wear at night or even full time in some cases. This keeps the upper and lower teeth separated so that any causes of occlusal trauma are negated, allowing the muscles etc. to relax.
  • Occlusal equilibration – very small adjustments to the shape of the chewing surfaces of the teeth so they meet in all the right places without causing trauma when eating, clenching or grinding – everything then will be balanced and biting will feel more even and comfortable.
  • Restorative work such as the replacement of missing teeth or poorly shaped crowns and fillings. Badly worn teeth may be restored with crowns where appropriate.
  • Orthodontic  treatment to move misplaced teeth to a better position

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