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Root Canal Treatment in Southampton

Repairing your smile

When a tooth has had decay deep into its structure the inside or pulp of the tooth can become infected, this causes an abscess. If this happens there are only two options for the tooth, to extract or to treat the root canal. We do our best to always save teeth and so Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics is carried out.



Root Canal Treatment is a much more predictable treatment than it ever used to be, the inside of the tooth is cleansed out and shaped with a series of files and disinfected. Once shaped the canals are then sealed with a plastic type material to seal the tooth and prevent re-infection.

It can take several appointments to complete a root canal treatment as some of the canal structures can be quite complex. We will advise as we progress through the treatment what to expect and of course if we think extraction is preferable we will discuss this with you.


George Margaritis has gained an additional qualification in this field – a Diploma in Endodontics from the prestigious Queen Mary University, Royal London Hospital.  We are fortunate, therefore, to be able to offer our patients endodontic equipment that you may not find in every dental practice that aids George to achieve predictable results.


Once a tooth has successfully been root treated a permanent restoration is also required as a root treated tooth tends to be weaker. We would then place either an inlay, onlay or crown depending on how much of the tooth structure has been lost.

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