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Nervous Patients Sedation in Southampton

Putting your mind at ease

Being afraid of the dentist will mean different things to different people. It will probably help if you are able to work out just what it is that worries you the most.


Maybe the sounds and smells often associated with dentistry brings back memories of bad experiences as a child or you think that having treatment will hurt. The good news is that more and more dentists now understands their patients’ fears. We realise that kindness, understanding and gentleness can do a lot to make dental treatment an acceptable and normal part of life. We take pain prevention and pain relief very seriously!

We ensure that all treatment is conducted as comfortably as possible. Many patients who have joined us feeling nervous and anxious, leave feeling more relaxed and at ease. We pride ourselves on our gentle soothing approach and take extra time to fully talk through all procedures in order to ensure that your expectations are met at all times.


As you get to know and trust Casey, George and the others members of your dental team, you will find your fears start to lessen. In time you will gain control over your fears, and dental care can then become a normal part of your life.

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