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Facial aesthetics in Southampton, Hampshire

Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Reduction

We are delighted to now offer Facial Rejuvenation treatments to complement our dental services. Principal Dentist, Dr Casey Carnall BDS, is well placed to be able to offer these treatments having being trained in oral and facial anatomy for many years now. She understands the small intricacies of the ageing process and how the deep layers of the skin and facial tissues affect the overall look and luminescence of the skin.


As with all our treatments, Casey will spend time to understand your facial anatomy and concerns. Together you will plan a treatment to rejuvenate and freshen your skin and appearance.


At present she offers two types of treatments, wrinkle softening treatments and plumping treatments using dermal fillers.

As we age our skin loses its volume which can lead to sagging areas and wrinkles. Dermal fillers help reverse this process by plumping up under the skin and adding extra hydration.

Dr Casey Carnall uses BOTOX® for wrinkle reduction treatments with the basic constituent Botulinum Toxin A. These treatments work differently to the plumping filler treatments by stopping the transmission of the nerve impulses to the muscle underlying the skin. This allows the muscle to relax thus giving a smooth exterior to the overlying skin.

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