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Dental Implants Southampton Hampshire

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants


Losing a tooth or several teeth can be distressing and can leave you feeling unhappy. Whilst this is the case, we want you to know you have options for replacement of these missing teeth that can achieve a result that is as good as the real thing and often better.


Replacing teeth using Dental Implants is considered to be the closest to having real teeth, the feel and look too. A Dental Implant is a small titanium rod that is inserted into the bone under your gum. We wait a few months for the bone to grow into the implant or what we call “osseo-integrate” and then we can restore the implant in the same way we would a crown or bridge.


We are fortunate that George has had extensive further training and experience to be able to place dental implants in the practice for our patients and has great results with many delighted patients.

There are a number of benefits to replacing missing teeth with dental implants;

Ankylos dental implants in Southampton, Hampshire

Dental Implants can be placed singly and restored as a crown or several can be placed to restore as a bridge and even a full arch can be reconstructed using a few well placed dental implants.


We will take time to plan the implant process, taking X-rays and scans as necessary to plan the placement and assess the bone depth. Not everyone is suited to implants and we will discuss all options with you.


Another option for patients who are struggling with a full denture is an implant retained denture. This usually applies to your lower denture, we will place two implants and then place attachments within the denture that “click” into the implants thus giving a firm, stable denture.


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