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Dental Implants in Hampshire (Southampton)

Replace missing teeth with expert dental implants


If you’re looking for stunning, affordable and long lasting dental implants in Hampshire, our highly rated and experienced Southampton dentists can help.


Do your missing and broken teeth, or loose dentures make you feel self-conscious, less confident, unable to enjoy a meal with friends?


Would you like your nice smile back and teeth that look and feel natural?


Then you will regain you confidence and self-esteem, stop feeling embarrassed about your teeth and enjoy socialising again.


We are a highly trained and dedicated team who have 15 years experience of placing dental implants .

dental implant clinic in hampshire dental implants in southampton hampshire
Ankylos dental implants in Southampton, Hampshire

And what we do is:


  • Listen carefully to what you want and help you make the right choice about treatment
  • Make implant treatment affordable and tell you at the beginning about all the costs, so that you can budget for your treatment
  • Support you throughout your treatment and beyond, keeping you informed all the way
  • Invest every year in the latest digital technology and new techniques
  • Take care of your whole health, making sure we understand your past and current medical conditions



Our charges

Our implant charges start from £950 and you can have all of your teeth replaced from as little as £3000.

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