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Dental Crowns in Southampton

Repairing your smile with dental crowns in Hampshire

When teeth are badly damaged or have poor aesthetics that just can not be improved with simple measures it may be necessary to crown them.


A crown covers the full surface of the tooth and can be made of several different materials depending on aesthetic and functional requirements. They can be Porcelain, Emax, Gold, Precious Metal to Porcelain, we will advise what material is most suitable for your tooth.

Once a decision has been made as to the material to construct your crown in we will prepare your tooth and take impressions that are sent to our skilled dental technician. Your crown is then constructed in the dental laboratory according to our requirements for shape and aesthetics.


We will then cement your crown in place at a second appointment using the latest in bonding cements. The result is a beautiful tooth with great aesthetics and strength that with the right aftercare will give you years of service.

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