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Dental Bridges in Southampton

When teeth need to be removed we will discuss all the options for replacement with you. One of these is to replace the tooth or teeth with a bridge. A bridge is a fixed and permanent replacement, that is it can’t be removed. We generally use two types of bridges:

  • A fixed bridge where the missing tooth is replaced by attaching to a crown on one or both sides.
  • A Maryland “Sticky” bridge that adheres to the back of one tooth at the side of the gap

A fixed bridge is used when teeth have already been heavily restored or have crowns. The teeth on one or both sides of the gap are prepared for crowns, quite a lot of tooth tissue is removed and so we generally only use this type when teeth have already been crowned or need crowning.

A Maryland Bridge is a more conservative bridge and a form of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. Conventional bridges are now considered obsolete where implants can be used.


In both cases digital scans are taken of the preparations that are then sent to the dental laboratory where the very skilled dental technician will construct the bridges. These will be cemented at a further appointment using modern bonding resins and cements.

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