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Composite Fillings in Southampton

Repairing your smile

Decay and breakages of teeth can be repaired using the latest composite filling material technology. In days gone by we used to restore with silver amalgam material but we have moved towards composites as their characteristics far outweigh amalgam.


Tooth coloured composites can be used to restore a tooth to form and function at one visit in the dental chair. They get great results and can be also used to restore children’s teeth.

Composite filling materials come in different particle sizes depending on where they are to be placed. When using a material in a back chewing tooth they need to be stronger yet when restoring a front tooth aesthetics are of primary importance.


We therefore use several different types of composite resin materials to give the best results in the tooth required.


A well placed composite filling will give many years of service and now their lifespans, with the correct after care, are comparable to silver amalgam fillings but they look so much better.

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