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Avoid Amputation…If You Haven’t Had it Already

Straight to the point: Tooth extraction is a form of amputation.

If you are having a tooth removed you are actually losing a part of your body; in fact, a fully grown and functioning organ, most of the times with some surrounding tissues as well.

Not only this, but you also continue losing the bone and gums that used to support this tooth indefinitely after the tooth is lost. The vast majority of this loss though happens within the first year. Almost one out of three people in the UK have a missing tooth.

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Yes, nowadays we have many nice ways of replacing missing teeth, so you can still enjoy the benefits of a full dentition and minimise the risks and inconvenience that accompany tooth loss. Implants are most of the times the best option amongst others.

But here is the catch…do you really need to have this tooth out? Is it necessary to be amputated?

Removing a tooth is a form of dental treatment, mainly provided for a rather problematic tooth, which most of the times gives a lot of pain to its owner. The tooth may suffer from caries (decay), periodontitis (gum disease) or an infected pulp (nerve).

The truth is that most of the times there is a treatment other than extraction for most of these diseases. The video that follows has been published by the European Society of Endodontology to help the public understand a bit more about different possible treatment that can save your tooth, in case of an infection.

If you feel that you have been offered an extraction far too easily, then maybe this video can help you. If you would like to have a second opinion about your tooth, then Dr George Margaritis will be more than glad to assist. George has a Diploma in Endodontology since 2011 from the Queen Mary University and is experienced in saving teeth. He uses a dental operating microscope to work the most peculiar intricacies of the internal anatomy of the tooth and he has successfully treated several teeth that were initially doomed. But do not worry; if the damage has gone too far and the tooth needs to be removed, he is also very skilled with replacing teeth with dental implants.

Give us a ring or drop us an email if you would like to…avoid amputation.