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Meet Rhiannon

I’ve never been asked to write a blog post before so here goes nothing.

Hey I’m Rhiannon, I only recently started at Bridgeways dental in May 2018 but have been nursing since 2013 I must admit I have never enjoyed dentistry as much as I have so far working here! I am already learning so much from general dentistry to orthodontics to the surgical stuff.

My favourite part of dentistry is definitely the cosmetic side, I do love a set of pretty white straight teeth!

I know what most of people think about the role of a dental nurse, we just suction up people’s saliva right? I have to say that statement is so wrong, it’s far more than that.

I left school not knowing what I wanted to do, I sure didn’t say ‘I’m going to be a dental nurse when I grow up’ but let’s be honest who is 100% sure at that age. Now, five years on, I wouldn’t look back; each day is different and we have such fun as a team (because no one likes to be boring, we’re always smiling!).

It makes me feel so happy to see the joy in people knowing you helped them to achieve a beautiful, confident smile.

rhiannon dental nurse in southampton

I’m excited to expand my list of skills as a dental nurse and even more excited to share with you all so you can see how rewarding it is to be a dental nurse. Watch this space!

Call me at Bridgeways Dental today on 023 8086 8833 to book your next appointment.