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Summer Smile – Stay Happy and Healthy in Summer


What you need to do to stay healthy and happy during the summer months?

It’s July, and summer is officially here! This means having fun in the sun with your friends and families at parties, barbeques, at the beach, and more! While it’s certainly a time to celebrate and have the time of your life during your holidays while work and school are on hold, we want to make sure that as well as protecting your skin from UV rays, you also protect your smile. Here are some top tips from the team at Bridgeways Dental in Totton, Southampton, on how to keep up with your dental and oral hygiene and care this summer. You may even make some things a habit and carry them on throughout the whole year!


Drink Water!

We’ve been enjoying record breaking temperatures of late, (well… for England anyway!) and it is important to ensure that you stay hydrated. The best way to do this is to drink water. This will help not only your oral health but your overall health too. Sip water between meals, it’s a good idea to carry a water bottle around with you but be sure to choose a reusable one to help reduce wastage and save the environment!

Water will keep your mouth moist and help wash away plaque and food deposits, reducing the bacteria in your mouth and helping to keep your breath fresh!

Many popular drinks (fizzy drinks, coffee, sports drinks, alcohol!) can cause you to dehydrate or dry out your mouth, so try to drink in moderation!

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If possible, use a straw when drinking acidic or sugary drinks (eg fizzy drinks, fruit juice, smoothies). This will reduce contact with your teeth and may help to protect against acid erosion. (Again, reusable or eco-friendly straws are preferable here, be kind to the environment and think before you use plastic).


Choose Healthy Options

It doesn’t take much for us Brits to be lighting up the barbecues in the summer, with plenty of snacks, sweets and treats too, which will be difficult to ignore. While it’s fun to splurge occasionally, try to pick healthy options more often than not. If you want to snack, why not try celery and carrot sticks instead of crisps? If that barbecue party goes on late then please make sure you remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed to remove decay forming bacteria from your teeth and protect your smile for many barbecues to come!


Teeth Are Not Bottle Openers!

There are a few people who like to bring out some party tricks when company is about, but please don’t use your teeth as tools! So the next tip is:

Avoid using your teeth as bottle openers or tearing packaging open with them. Have the essentials handy and remember your teeth are only eating tools.


Hot Holiday Tips!

If you’re getting away from the grind this summer, make sure you stick to your normal healthy regime, don’t let all the excitement allow you to fall behind on your usual routine. Here are some ‘hot holiday tips’:

• Remember to pack your toothbrush, tooth paste and floss and interdental brushes! (If you use an electric toothbrush, also remember your charger and a plug adapter too)

• Don’t forget your orthodontic retainers or night time splints, as little as a week without them could cause them not to fit so well on your return home.

• Pack an SPF containing lip balm to make sure your lips stay healthy, hydrated and protected from the sun.

• ‘NO RUNNING BY THE POOL’. Tripping or slipping could lead to many kinds of injury, including breaking or damaging a tooth. Also make sure you know how deep a pool or body of water is before you dive in to prevent injury. The last thing most people want is to try and find a dentist while away from home! (One benefit of our Bridgeways Dental Membership Plan is worldwide dental insurance which is great for jetsetters and takes the worry out of added costs to your trip. Enquire for more information)

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Lastly, we want everyone to enjoy the summer but don’t forget to come visit us at Bridgeways dental for your next routine dental appointment!

To book your next appointment, call the practice today on 023 8086 8833 or use our online booking system.