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Lily’s Orthodontic Journey

Lily first came to see me as a 14-year old girl unhappy with her smile and also at the more than two year waiting list following a referral from her dentist to her local NHS orthodontic service. Assessment of her teeth showed that Lily had moderate generalised crowding, with a high canine and a crossbite on the left-hand side.

Before Treatment

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Following discussion of all of the different options available, we provided her with upper and lower Damon self-ligating appliances for fourteen months, and with no tooth extractions were able to deliver a fantastic result.


During Treatment

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 Lily had her braces off during the Easter break and now just wears retainers at night times to keep her teeth perfect and straight. As well as looking great, Lily now has a functional and stable bite, and now that her teeth are straight, they are much easier to keep clean which means she has a lower risk of gum disease and tooth decay going forwards into adulthood.


After Treatment

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teeth straightening in totton
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View the video of Lily’s Journey here


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