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Karen’s Story – Orthodontics in Southampton

Karen came to see Casey back in 2015 for help with her smile. As her 40th birthday approached, she felt that it was time to take the plunge and go ahead with the orthodontic treatment that she had been considering for a long time. Read her interview about her experiences and see how straightening her teeth has improved her smile, confidence and more!

Karen had Damon fixed braces for 19 months, and now wears fixed and removable retainers to keep her teeth perfect.


Before Treatment

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southampton braces patient review

braces southampton patient review 
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Why did you seek help in the first place?

My teenage daughter had recently had fixed braces and it got me thinking! As I reached 40 I had decided that it would a good enough reason to finally go ahead and have my very wonky crossed teeth straightened, it seemed as though they were just getting worse by the day! I was very conscious that the front visible ones in particular were sticking out.


Why did you choose me to help?

I researched different practices and procedures and Casey talked through and advised me of my options very thoroughly and with such enthusiasm it was an easy option to choose her to rectify my teeth.


Why did you choose Damon braces treatment?

I chose to have fixed Damon braces because I felt these would give me better more permanent results.


How did you find the process?

Overall the process was simply exciting! After initially getting used to them, and altering my eating habits, they were comfortable to wear.  The changes in my teeth seemed to happen very soon and was reassuring to notice.


How has having your teeth straightened improved your life/confidence/looks… etc?

Even wearing the brace wasn’t a problem but when it came off the results were amazing. Everyone notices my grin now and I don’t have to adjust my smile any more to hide the crookedness. I absolutely feel more confident smiling chatting and especially in photos!


Would you recommend this treatment to anyone else?

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone thinking about it to just go straight ahead you would not regret it.


After Treatment

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southampton teeth straightening case study
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What do you think about Bridgeways Dental and Dr Casey Carnall?

Casey is a wonderful caring dentist, it is more like visiting a friend! Her enthusiasm about her work is ever present and you feel immediately at ease. Casey’s confident approach and knowledge is fantastic. As is her attention to detail, she is a perfectionist! Bridgeways is a lovely welcoming modern practice.


If you would like to know more information about the options for straightening your teeth please call 02380 868833 or send an email to info@bridgeways.dental to book a complimentary appointment with Casey Carnall.