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How the team at Bridgeways Dental are doing in lockdown

Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you a little update on how the team at Bridgeways Dental are doing in lockdown. It has been around six weeks since we have had to close our door to face to face appointments. It is not something that George or I could have foreseen doing when we first took over Bridgeways Dental, and it was a very sad day when we had to take the decision to cease seeing patients, and I am sure that it has also been a very strange time for all of you as well.

Despite the pandemic, there are many things to be thankful for: Many people have been put onto furlough, their jobs protected and still receiving an income, and we really have had the best weather that we could ask for. We have, as I am sure you have too, been able to make the most of the long sunny days in the garden, and spending time with the members of our family that we live with. It is unfortunate that we have been unable to share our time with friends and other family members, but we are all in this together, and we wish that we all get out of it together soon too.


You might find this funny, but we have missed you, our patients and friends. We love our jobs, we love helping and caring for our patients and creating our beautiful smile results in our little corner of Totton. We are proud of what we do for you all, and our achievements are highlighted by the fact that we have had very few of you contact us with serious dental problems during this time, your mouths are hopefully comfortable and you are looking after them in the right ways, you could probably do with a good professional clean, but all in good time! We have been contacted by quite a few patients from other practices for help and advice, which of course we have as always, been happy to provide.


As it stands today, we do not know yet when we will be able to reopen. There is much talk in the media about government lockdown restrictions easing, but with no date in mind. We also don’t know yet how dentistry will change, but we are sure that it will do, just like our lives will, at least for a period of time after this crisis has ended, if not forever. Some of you may have some anxiety about life “after Covid”, as this is certainly something we have not seen in our lifetimes, but we do not have to worry… things WILL be okay. History is the proof of this. There have been pandemics in the past, in times when healthcare, research, knowledge and provision of this was much lower or non-existent compared to today. We will emerge stronger, healthier, and better than ever.


We at Bridgeways Dental have been working behind the scenes to make changes to the practice, to make our lives, our work and our treatments for you all easier and safer. We look forward to sharing with you soon our plan for reopening, when the time is right.


For now, if you (or anyone you know who is not currently a patient) need us, give us a ring, send us an email, or contact us on social media, we would be happy to help with any advice that we can.


We’ll meet again, don’t know how, don’t know when… <3


Casey Carnall

(and the rest of the guys)

P.S… Here’s what our lovely team have been getting up to during the lockdown. As you can see, Holly, Georgia and Sophie have all been enjoying the great outdoors. Our head nurse Sophie has also safely welcomed her bundle of joy, congratulations Sophie, and welcome to the world, Arthur William! X

Arthur William

Arthur William

Sophie and Arthur enjoying a forest walk

Sophie and Arthur enjoying a forest walk

Georgia catching some rays

Georgia catching some rays



Holly and her boyfriend, Josh getting some sea air.

Holly and her boyfriend, Josh getting some sea air.

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