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Chris’s Invisalign Story – Teeth Straightening in Southampton

Chris came to us as he wanted straighter teeth and was recommended Invisalign clear aligners by our dentist Casey. Read what Chris has to say about the treatment and his experience at Bridgeways Dental.


“Had my Invisalign done at bridgeways dental by Casey. I always wanted straighter teeth but never wanted the conventional braces on for a year or two it was just too long and personally didn’t like how they looked. Casey suggested the Invisalign to me. No one even noticed I was wearing them unless I pointed them out which I did because I found them pretty cool and no ones really heard about them yet. I only needed them on for 3 months!! Best thing I ever did. If you’re considering it I would say just do it! Or at least go in for a consultation and find out how much it’ll be and how long it’ll take.

invisalign clear aligners treatment in southampton
invisalign braces in southampton results
Before Treatment
After Treatment


invisalignt teeth straightening results
invisalign in southampton results
Before Treatment
After Treatment


invisalign teeth straightening in southampton
southampton invisalign results
Before Treatment
After Treatment


If you’re thinking about it then it’s obviously bothering you so do something about it… I love smiling now which is such a great feeling. It’s a really fair price and Casey is amazing she was so gentle and caring from start to finish and put up with me being extremely fussy about everything but she was always more than happy for me to keep popping in when she had the time at no extra charge. Not really one to do reviews but I feel like she and her team deserve it.


Also a shoutout to the receptionist Caroline she is so lovely and we always had a nice chat and a laugh which is exactly what I needed when waiting as it can be quite nerve racking! Thanks to the whole team I can’t recommend this place enough.”


invisalign southampton clear aligners
If you would like to know more information about Invisalign clear aligners call 02380 868833 or send an email to info@bridgeways.dental to book a complimentary appointment with Casey Carnall.